New members are always welcome!
We will gladly share our knowledge and resources, new members are how we grow.
We invite you to come watch, learn, and join us if you wish.


In Pembroke we pride ourselves on having fun!
We try to create a period look and feel with our banners, pavilions, and Knights all dressed in Heraldic colors and designs.
The Knights of Pembroke are well known for their courage and valor on and off the battlefield.
If the ideas of Honor and Chivalry combined with having a lot of fun appeal to you, then come out and meet us!

Sir Razgriz Wallace, The Duke of Pembroke


If you have any questions about joining, please contact our Duchy Hospitaler, Sir Razgriz. The Hospitaler's job is to greet and educate all new members.


Resources for New Members:

Directions to Markham Park
Our events are held at Markham Park in Broward County

Membership Flyer
Flyers about our division and the Adrian Empire. Pass them out to friends!

Membership Form
(if under 18: Minor Form)

New Member's Guide

The Pembroke Yahoo Group
(this is where announcements, schedule changes, and documents are first posted)

Links Page
(Links to Garb merchants, armorers, and other Adria-related resources)


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