The Arch Duchy of Pembroke is a South Florida chapter of the Adrian Empire, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the study and recreation of Western culture between the years 1066 and 1603. Our members recreate the arts, skills, and culture of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.
We hold our events on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Markham park in West Broward County. There we hold tournaments in combat , archery , and for the arts . The combat tournaments include contests using "live steel." "Live Steel" means actual steel weapons and armor of various types used during the medieval period. We also fight with rapiers & daggers from the rennaisance period. Archery is shot using long bows or recurve bows from varying distances. For the arts tournaments, our members re-create the fine arts, the food, the crafted items and bardic arts, song, stories and tales of the times.

Through the research involved in these activities, we are effectively increasing our own knowledge of history,  and heritage through the presentations and demonstrations we present to the public, we are teaching others about the past. In Pembroke we pride ourselves on our abilities as well as our pageantry.
We try to create a period look and feel with our banners, pavilions, and Knights all dressed in Heraldic colors and designs.
The Knights of Pembroke are well known for their courage and valor on and off the battlefield.
If the ideas of Honor and Chivalry combined with having a lot of fun appeal to you, then come meet us. We will gladly share our knowledge and resources, new members are how we grow. We invite you to come watch, learn, and join us if you wish. Until then, well met.
Sir Razgriz, Duke and Lady Rea, Jr Consort of Pembroke.

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