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Laws, Writs, and Codicils of Pembroke

Forming an Estate

At least Thirty days notice will be required for the formation of an Estate. A list of the members and a color copy of the Arms will be submitted to the Crowns at the time of the request, although formation of the estates is not contingent on approval of the arms. 2/3 of the members must be present on the day the Estate is formed.


Leaving an Estate

Members desiring to remove themselves from an unchartered subdivision must submit this desire in writing. This written desire to be removed must be submitted to the head of that Estate, the Crown's, and the Minister of Rolls. A reason for the member's desiring to leave does not have to be included in the written document. An email is an acceptable form of communication; all notifications may take this form.


Retaining Estate Votes

Members of Pembroke entitled to a seat on the Estates of Pembroke, by virtue of rank or office, whose dues are not current, are under judicial ban, or have not attended at least two (2) official, regularly scheduled events, IE, the Crown event , a Canton event, or an Archery event, within the previous six (6) months, will be denied a seat. Estates meeting are not and will not be considered regularly scheduled events.


Proxies for Estate Meetings

Verbal proxies will be allowed, with the approval of the Crown and Chancellor. All verbal proxies must be followed up in writing within 30 days to be filed with the Chancellor's office for record keeping.


The Pembroke Estates Oath

Before the start of every meeting Estates holders will take the oath to reaffirm their reason for holding votes on our Estates. I solemnly swear to conduct myself with dignity and honor, to show courtesy to whomever has the floor, to maintain civility in the face of adversity, to respect the will of those I represent, to act in the best interest of Adria, Pembroke and my estate, heed the words of the chancellor and obey the rules of the empire.


Petty Cash Fund

A Petty cash fund of $100.00 shall be available to the Crowns for a just and stated cause. All expenditures shall be documented and presented to the Steward's office.


Site Fees

Site fees are at the discretion of the Crowns. Previously as the Canton of Pembroke we had a site fee of $2.00/person. For the time being, while Pembroke brings up its coffers we shall maintain site fees at $2.00/person, with children 6 and under free.


Banner Sizes

The height of the poles can be a bit higher, but the top of the banner itself must hang at its respective height.
Imperial Banner – 60in*60in - Hangs at 15 feet
Kingdom Banner – 50in*50in – Hangs at 12 feet
Prince/Princess Banner – 32in*72in (special design) – Hangs at 11 feet
Duchy Banner – 45in*45in – Hangs at 11 feet
March Banner – 40in*40in – Hangs at 10 feet
3rd Level Knight – 38in*38in – Hangs at 9 feet
County Banner – 35in*35in – Hangs at 9 feet
Canton Banner – 35in*35in – Hangs at 9 feet
Earl/Contessa Banner – 32in*32in – Hangs at 9 feet
2nd Level Knight – 30in*30in – Hangs at 8 feet
Viscount/Viscountes s – 30in*30in – Hangs at 8 feet
Barony Banner – 30in*30in – Hangs at 8 feet
Household Banner – 25in*25in – Hangs at 7 feet

Crown Writ – Creation of Estates and Estate Holders

No Estate may be created or Estate holder may be changed without the consultation of the Estates General.  If a change in Estate head is proposed, the members of their respective Estate (if a house) or all estates contained therein (if a barony or higher) have the right to vote on the ascension of the new Estate head.  If a new estate is proposed, the ruling body of the Estates general have the right to vote on the Estate’s inclusion.  If a meeting to vote on such matters is held, a quorum must be achieved.  

Chancellor’s Note:  This writ was designed with the idea of promoting communication and unity within the various levels of the Estate.  Members of an estate have the right to nominate and vote on who it is represents them.  The Crowns feel that empowering the Estates with this writ ensures that whomsoever represents the Estate is someone it’s members choose to carry their voice.