The History of Pembroke


Originally known as The Canton of Pembroke from March of 2005 to September of 2007, Pembroke existed as the southern most outpost in the lands of the Kingdom of York. Created by Queen Fionnghulla, the Canton prospered, with Sir Alaric's appointment as its first Viceroy and Dame Pandora as its last. Together they forged strong ties with their neighbors in Castilles and Kincora. Then, with the help of their neighbors in November of 2007, Sir Alaric Thorne and Dame Pandora Macleod founded The Duchy of Pembroke (South Florida). Originally comprised of members of the Kingdom of York and Castilles, Pembroke has grown rapidly since its creation, bringing in new as well as previous members of the Adrian Empire.  

In Pembroke we pride ourselves on our abilities as well as our pageantry.
We try to create a period look and feel with our banners, pavilions, and Knights all dressed in Heraldic colors and designs.
The Knights of Pembroke are well known for their courage and valor on and off the battlefield.
If the ideas of Honor and Chivalry combined with having a lot of fun appeal to you, then come meet us.